“Bride Wars” – How to choose your bridal party up styles


For those of you who follow my Facebook you would have seen my recent engagement and all the up styles I have been trialling for the bridal party. One of the most important things  is to plan your hair appropriate to the location and your bridesmaid/brides facial features, i.e.

~ Loose curls will not last very well in humid/overly windy outdoor locations and may interfere with eyesight once windblown
~ Tight high pony tails or buns may cause headaches after a few hours similar to the impact of headbands
~ Like your dress, chose a hairstyle that compliments yours or your bridal parties facial features. Decide if you want the hair/makeup or dress to be the feature as you don’t want it to clash.
~ Be open to suggestions of slight alterations, your hairstylist knows best and some hairstyles are just not suitable for all. Thin, fine hair or thick short hair can make a world of difference with some hairstyles when not utilising additional hairpieces like bun inserts or extensions. We are here to assist in finding a hairstyle that will not only last you all day/night but look fabulous in all your photographs.

It’s important once you have your dresses chosen to establish with your bridal party what your minimum expectations are for hair. If you want them to all have the same style ensure you consider the difference in length and thickness as well as facial shapes. Having three bridesmaids in similar hairstyles tweaked to their facial shape may look better in your images than 3 exactly the same with uncomfortable looking facial expressions because one feels their hair is too tight.

Ensure all your bridal party have had a trim within the 6 weeks prior to the wedding, you want the girls hair to be healthy and reflect this in your images. After all why pay top $$$ for a good up style if all you can see in images is split ends and frizzy layers. Trims won’t dramatically change the length of your hair if you get them regularly. If your hair is in bad condition have regular trims for the 6-12 months prior to the wedding remove your dead ends, any uneven colour build up hair & find a shampoo, conditioner, treatment range that will bring you back on point.


Here are three images of hairstyles I have recently put together, comment below which is your favourite of the three would love to hear your preference!

#1 features rows of twisted plats, this look is great for those with long hair and can be made formal or informal with the addition of hairpieces similar to the second image. Having the volumised section on top decreases the risk of tension headaches and also softens the overall look.


#2 Features an option mostly suitable for simple indoor ceremonies, this look could be made more formal by adding curls to the bottom or a fishtail braid. Again hairpieces also change how simple/formal the look appears. This hairstyle can be done on shorter hair also however length/thickness of hair will change the size of the rose/flower.


and finally #3, this would have to be my favourite of the selection. I designed this over the weekend in a dream about my own wedding woke up the next morning and made it real! This hairstyle is definitely great for those with long thick hairstyles who don’t want to end up with the weight of a bun on their head. Simple but detailed the numerous braids draw in the attention with a focus on the swirl. Simple hair flowers dress this look up into a more formal up style.


Thats it for the day! I will be back friday with a new blog post ~ C

***For hair and makeup bookings please contact me via Facebook.com/casidheliannahairmakeupbeauty***


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