Dark side of summer – Makeup Look

Welcome to the dark side of summer!

Now for those who know me well dark eyes and light lips are not my usual style, I am all for the dark liquid lipsticks and soft beige shadows! But days like today I feel the need to dip into that other end of my palette and experiment a little. So here it is, todays experiment.

Since my #MorpheBrushes single shadows were getting all the love I decided to shake things up and reach for the NYX single shadows today!

NYX eyeshadows still have a long way to go before they can compare to my #MorpheBrushes single shadows as they aren’t as pigmented however they are still a great option for those who can’t afford or justify paying $30+ for one colour. These NYX shadows cost me approx $8-10 each (AUS $).

Now I know what some of you are thinking, “you’re a makeup artist, why are you using cheap makeup?”. To answer your question I am not loyal to any one brand or any end of  the scale. My blog will feature both high end and drug store cosmetics because in reality not everyone can afford high end makeup and truth be told I have some $2 store makeup that works far better than my $100 products and visa versa. Besides, you’ll thank me eventually for saving you money by recommending more affordable options 🙂

New blog post coming tomorrow, keep an eye out for its release! If you have suggestions of blogs you want to see feel free to leave a comment below ~ C

Makeup Details;

Lashes; @ModelRockLashes #236 from the pick and mix collection

Brows; @NYX cosmetics single shadow #taupe and Maybelline brow drama in medium brown.

Eyeshadows; @NYX cosmetics single shadows in #taupe, #Cupcake, #GoldLust, #Dare and #Raven

Eyeliner; @NYX cosmetics Gel Liner in #JetBlack

Lipliner; @NYX cosmetics #VanillaSkye

Lipstick; @NYX Cosmetics #PumpkinPie #630

Disclaimer ***This blog post is in no way sponsored by any of the above mentioned products, all thoughts are my own personal opinion***


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