ModelCo Natural Tan – Review

Sun baking is just not worth the risks these days so for those of you who are pasty white and don’t want a full on spray tan I have an affordable alternative for you!

ModelCo Natural tan lotion when paired with the reusable blending mitt has soo many benefits. Applied correctly this tan is streak free and easy to apply. I was soo impressed with their decision to make a tan that was clear prior to development as it means none of my clothes/sheets are stained and I can go about my daily business whilst its developing over 6 hours! The tan sells for $16.00 AUS and the buffing mitt $12 AUS, this tube is enough to last at least 6-8 full body applications! It does expire after 6 months of opening due to the shorter life span of natural ingredients.

This tan leaves my skin smelling of beautiful coconut and feeling refreshed! ModelCo does not test on animals or associate with any companies who do, the tan is also paraben free reducing your risks of cancer/chemical skin reactions. This ticks all the boxes for me!

Here is an image of my before and after as well as the recyclable packaging. I was silly enough to take my makeup off halfway through developing so please ignore the neck area I will have to reapply it, OOPS!


ModelCo Natural tan can be purchased from;

Disclaimer ***The above post is not sponsored by any mentioned brands or products, all opinions are my own***


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