Skin care routine essentials

Hey lovelies, have you become slack with your skin care routine? Perhaps noticed more blemishes than usual. Below is my list of essentials for skin care. There are many ways to combat skin conditions, it is important to remember products are not suited to everyone and should you need a new skin product it is best to have a professional analyse your skin type to provide recommendations.

Disclaimer **I am not a dermatologist or doctor, I have undertaken training in makeup artistry and beauty therapy, if you are concerned about your skin please seek professional advice. I can however still answer your questions on general skin/beauty, if you have one feel free to pop it in the below comments**

Skin care essentials list

1. WASH your pillow case weekly, it’s summer and I don’t know about you but it has certainly been a lot warmer here. Sweat, bacteria & dirt all build up over night so make sure you change those cases to keep away any un-nessisary dirt from your pores. ***if your pillow is old, do yourself a favour, buy a new one research has shown that over time your pillow deteriorates and replaces its fibres with bugs/dirt/bacteria YUCK!!!!

2. Invest in a good skin care range, a basic cleanser, toner, moisturiser & mask is all you need to begin. Cleansing your face daily will remove unwanted excess sebum/oil from the skin and avoid build up of dirt/makeup. Masks only need to be used once a week, if you are time poor put it on before your favourite TV show starts & wash during the add breaks. Guaranteed you will feel more relaxed by the end of it and you won’t have interrupted your busy schedule.

3. DO NOT put makeup on without a primer. There are just some steps in life that aren’t meant to be skipped. Primer protects your skin from makeup irritating the skin & clogging pores. Reducing your risks of acne also reduces your chance of facial scars which leaves you more confident embracing a makeup free face! I love my primers so much I often wear them even on makeup free days.

4. Avoid harsh exfoliants. If you self tan your face & need to exfoliate avoid anything too rough. The skin on your face is one of the most delicate areas of the body and irritation will not only lead to a red puffy face but also dry broken skin which may feel uncomfortable.

5. Invest in pawpaw lip ointment. Once you get your hands on this you’ll want to take it everywhere! Applying pawpaw ointment will improve the condition of your lips, make them smoother, repair cracks/dry damaged skin & improve lipstick durability. The added moisture when used regularly will transform your lips from shrivelled prunes to plump peaches.

6. Discard old makeup. You heard me! Your makeup collection will no doubt half itself but your skin will thank you for it. Ever noticed that little jar sign with numbers like “12m” printed on them? That’s the recommended life span for your item and whilst that peach blush still looks to die for in its case 3 years later don’t forget all the bacteria & skin cells its holding within. Besides you should be thanking me, I just gave your boyfriend a valid reason to let you purchase all new products 😊

7.  Clean your makeup brushes! Remember how I said your makeup collects dirt and bacteria over time? Well so does your brushes! Luckily for you if you clean them weekly you won’t have to throw them out so soon like old makeup. If you are a makeup artist or using your brushes on other people it is especially important to deep cleanse your brushes and never use them on contagious skin conditions.

8. Remove your makeup! If you aren’t removing your makeup at the end of your day chances are that it is seeping into your pores overnight and leaving your skin irritated or adding un necessary oils. Removing it will avoid exacerbating existing skin conditions and or forming new unattractive blemishes. Invest in a good makeup remover and cleanser. Makeup wipes are fine to remove the initial layer of makeup however a proper makeup remover and cleanser should still be utilised to remove the excess and refresh the skin.

9. Get regular skin checks. Not only should you get your skin reviewed by a dermatologist to see what skin products you should be utilising it is even more important to be seeing your doctor every 6-12 months for a skin check up to look for signs of infection/skin cancer/skin conditions to keep your skin scar free. Already have scars? Try rubbing bio oil on them regularly to help regenerate your skin cells and fade the existing lines.

10. Drink plenty of water. Being dehydrated will not help your skin one bit. This is something people often skimp on prior to special events like weddings and then wonder why they have blemishes and a rough texture. When drinking plenty of water you can guarantee your skin won’t just look better you will feel it too.

So there it is 10 skin care recommendations that are absolute essentials ~ C

Have a beauty topic you want me to cover in a blog? Comment below.


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