5 minute school/work hairstyles!

Are you tired of putting your hair in a pony tail? Here are two up styles that will take you less than 5 minutes to complete and can be as neat or messy as you desire! These hairstyles will suit anyone with shoulder length or longer hair as neither require you purchasing new products or learning difficult techniques!

What you need?

1 x fine tooth sectioning comb
thin plastic hair ties
hair pins


How to achieve up style #1;

1. part your hairline down the middle from front to back and twist each side inwards, secure with thin hair tie loosely.

2. Make a hole in between the hair tie and head and poke remaining hair through, keep poking under and over until you have your desired roll.

3. secure with pins and use fine tooth comb to hide middle part line by softly combing from front to back.

For a neater version you may want to utilise hairspray to secure loose hair pieces and make your twists tighter.


Hairstyle #2

This hairstyle adds a little more detail to the usual bun up style and can be as detailed or non detailed as you like depending how much time you have! Either way it is still under 5 minutes!

To create this hairstyle;

1. part hair down the centre from front to back. Holding both sides tie in a simple knot as high or low as you want the centre of the bun to sit.

2. Once you have done this separate the sections remaining into four and wrap each section around the centre in different directions securing each with hair pins.

3. Use a fine tooth comb to gently brush back the hair from the forehead to top of bun to hide the part line and soften the appearance. Again for a neater look you can use hairspray to secure any loose hair.


Want to see more up styles that can be completed in under 5 minutes? Make sure you like and comment this post! New blog coming soon ~ C


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