Eyebrows – There should be two!

Have you neglected your eyebrows? Read below to see what you should be doing to look after them and keep them looking on point 24/7!

1. Have them professionally reshaped. Shaping your eyebrows to suit your facial features will make a world of difference in appearance! There are many different styles of brows however as like any hair colour/style cut only a few will truly suit you and enhance the features you already have.

Why can’t you just pluck/wax them yourself? Reshaping is more than just plucking a few stray hairs it takes time and training to fully understand how the hair grows, the direction it grows, before and after care for different skin types and the particular shapes that will suit you!

Below is the most common brow shape diagram available to clients to explain the measurements used for creating the perfect arch. This however doesn’t teach ¬†you how to achieve clean lines or the correct length your individual brow hairs should be. Another great reason why you should spend that little bit extra to have your brows maintained by a trained professional.


2. Remove your makeup!

Yes you heard me, if you fill those brows in make sure you remove your makeup after a long day/night out no different to the rest of your face. This will avoid breakouts, skin irritation & dry skin flakes.

3. Cleanse and moisturise your brows

So you may think i’m weird, but you cleanse your hair with shampoo & moisturise with conditioner right? You cleanse your face & use a moisturiser also, so why should your eyebrows miss out on all the fun? Your eyebrows aren’t discriminative they can have¬†dandruff and breakouts also. Cleansing and moisturising your eyebrows during the rest of your regular skin routine will also help improve your makeup application outcome as there will be a smoother surface and the hair will be in better condition.

4. Having trouble growing your eyebrows? Are they too thin? Did you over pluck?

Did you know you can use eyelash growth serum on your eyebrows? Great option for those who are on a tight budget and available locally at your beauty stores.

Another option for those with a slightly bigger budget and brows that have been so far plucked they wont grow back is cosmetic tattooing. If you do want to go down this path ensure you do plenty of research, ask to see their recent work and find out what products they use, ensure they are professionally trained/insured. Eyebrow tattooing is a specialised procedure and is not the type of thing you can cover up unlike a bad hip tattoo. Eyebrow tattoo’s generally last upto 2 years when cared for correctly.

And for those days in between wax appointments invest in a good brow gel and spoolie to keep them in place and on point!

Want more beauty tips? Comment below what you would like to see in future blog posts! Talk soon ~ C

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