Eyes Enhanced – Real Techniques Review

Real Techniques eye brush set with case/stand

I purchased these brushes at the beginning of february and I am INLOVE! They are so so soft and are great for more natural/soft finish makeup looks.

I find the eyebrow brush is really good for filling in and defining the brows without making them look drawn on. I wouldn’t use it for a formal makeup look as it doesn’t define sharp lines but for a natural look it is perfect.

The deluxe crease brush is amazing for blending just above the crease or highlighting, it’s intended use was for the crease however I find that it is more of a blending brush as its surface area is quite large which isn’t ideal if you only want a thin darker crease line or cut crease.

For personal use the stand and case is a fantastic idea as it protects the brushes and is quite easy to transport, not so relevant for professional makeup artists like myself who have such a large brush collection or use brush belts when working with clients.

I will definitely be purchasing more of the Real Techniques brushes. If you already have Real Techniques Brushes let me know in the comments section which ones you love most!

You can purchase this set from Priceline Click here to purchase


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