Get to know me

Hey guys so seeing as I am spending today on the couch with a swollen face & extreme sunburn I thought I would do a “get to know me” tag while I wait for my skin to heal before posting some new exciting makeup looks! I am doing a beauty Q & A this month so if you have any questions you would like to see answered please comment below!

Vital Stats:
Name ~ Casidhe Lianna Brown
Birthday ~ June 7th 1996
Place of Birth ~ Melbourne, Australia
Star Sign ~ Gemini
Occupation ~ Hairdresser/professional makeup artist

Hair colour ~ Brunette, although this always changes!
Hair length ~ Just below shoulder length
Eye colour ~ Brown
Braces ~ Never had them
Piercings ~ Ears & belly
Tattoos ~ Yes 5, although technically only 3 as one of them are partially combined
Righty of Lefty ~ Right, I am hopeless at using my left hand to do anything!

Feeling ~ Like my face is on fireeeee – thanks sunburn
Single or Taken ~ Engaged and getting married August this year 🙂
Eating ~ Nothing
Thinking about ~ What to cook for dinner
Watching ~ Shani Grimmond on youtube
Wearing ~ My silk blue dressing gown

Want Children ~ Eventually 🙂
Want to be married ~ Will be as of august this year!
Careers in mind ~ Continue freelance makeup artistry and hairdressing, expand my blog to youtube videos eventually!
Where do you want to live ~ In a world with less negativity hopefully 🙂

Do you believe in:
God ~ No
Miracles ~ Not too sure…
Love at first sight ~ Yes! My Morphe Single Eyeshadows 😉
Ghosts ~ OMG yes! I never used to but after spending a weekend on my own recently I am so definitely now a believer! D:
Aliens ~ I do believe there are other life forms out there, aliens? maybe not.
Soul Mates ~ Absolutely but I don’t believe its anything alike what the movies lead us to believe.
Heaven ~ Unsure but I would like to hope that our bodies aren’t entirely useless after we pass.
Hell ~  I believe Hell is a state of mind which people spend their life living instead of the afterlife hell we are told about.
Kissing on the first date ~ mmm, nah.. If things are going to work out they will and a kiss shouldn’t be the deciding factor. In saying that if you have known this person for a very long time go for it. I can’t tell you what to do, I just personally wouldn’t 🙂

So that’s it for the Get to know me tag, if you guys would like to know more post your questions in the comment section below and don’t forget to like, share & subscribe! ~ C

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