Makeup Kit Essentials – Budget Style

Makeup Kits are where blemishes go to hide and cheek bones rise. It’s no secret that building an amazing kit will not happen over night unless you have endless $$$$$$$ to spend and hours to test and it can be heartbreaking trialing 30 new foundations before finding 1 decent match. Below are the absolute essentials for a beginner makeup kit that won’t break your bank!

Daytime/light makeup 

~ BB cream is your new best friend for the days you get out of bed with only 5 minutes to get ready and are still so sleepy your not able to focus 100%. Seek help from a beauty professional at your local store to select a colour match & type. DO NOT use the back of your hand to match your makeup EVER, lets face it hun the skin on your hand is a completely different shade and texture to your face as it is exposed to direct sunlight far more frequently. BB cream is just as easy as a tinted moisturiser to apply to your skin and does not require a mirror although it certainly helps to have one to make sure you are blending it out correctly.

+ What is BB cream? BB cream or “Blemish Balm” is a light weight formula that protects the skin and lightly evens out skin tones whilst covering noticeable blemishes. You can purchase BB creams in any price range $, $$ or $$$ and is available locally at many chemists, supermarkets and makeup stores!

~ Concealer in just one shade lighter than your BB cream/foundation is essential for under the eye and hiding any blemishes your BB cream was unable to completely hide. Because it is only day time makeup you do not need the 2-3 different shades you would for contouring an evening look. Make sure you blend this out and use a brush not your hands! Your hands are covered in oils & are quite warm so they have the potential to melt your makeup.

~ Light coloured bronzer or powder foundation in 1 shade darker than your foundation. Come on girls we all know your skin is not just one colour naturally, add a quick sweep of bronzer in the temple area, under your chin and just below the cheek bone to give you that subtle tanned skin.

~ Eye brow pencil / brown eye shadow & brow gel. Now I know your thinking why am I filling my brows in just to go to the office? Trust me, brows are just as important as that morning coffee! Fill them in naturally with a makeup brush & comb back in shape with a brow gel. Those brows won’t be going anywhere and little did you know you just gave yourself an instant eye lift in 2-3 seconds!

~ Tinted lip balm. Imagine this, your running late out of the house a full morning of meetings and no time for a lunch break. The worst thing that could happen is having your lipstick smeared half way across your face right? Invest in a tinted lip balm, this will not only help hydrate your lips making them look soft and healthy but give them a tiny bit of colour to stop you looking like the walking dead!

~ Mascara. Girl you know your eyes are totally withdrawn from your craving to hop back in bed and get some beauty sleep, pop a quick touch of mascara to make you look somewhat interested in what staff members have to say today! *** If you don’t want the hassle of cleaning up black marks from mascara or want to shorten your morning routine visit your local beauty therapist and have them tinted! A great affordable way to have your lashes stand out 24/7 even when your swimming! Treatment lasts 4-6 weeks***

Last but not least ensure the following items are in your kit;

~ Makeup remover, to fix any mistakes and to keep your skin blemish free after a long day.
~ Tweezers, just incase you wake up and realise you completely missed your brow wax appointment! Remember girls, there should be two eyebrows!
~ Makeup travel brush set, for those times you have to travel for work and don’t feel like carrying your full size sets around. Affordable and compact!


Now when it comes to evening makeup there are a few things to add on top of the above for a beginner kit.

~ Swap the BB cream for a primer and foundation. It is absolutely essential to have a primer on before adding foundation to protect your skin from all the bacteria and makeup. This also helps keep your makeup looking amazing for long periods of time. Have your local beauty professional select a foundation and primer that will suit your colour and skin type, again DO NOT use the back of your hand to colour match.

~ Eye liner. For those of you yet to master the art of liquids, creams and gels allow me to introduce to you the Maybelline Master Precise eye liner which is essentially fool proof after your first few attempts! The guided tip ensures an easy application. Keep in mind once your tip starts to go blunt you can not sharpen these babies so you will need to re purchase to keep that crisp line!

~ Eye shadow Palette & eye base/primer. I highly recommend the NYX Eyeshadow base available at local targets, it is an absolute must for when wearing eyeshadow to enhance the colour and avoid any fading/cracking of the eyeshadow. You can purchase the base depending on skin type as there are 3 different ones to chose from, I personally use the white base as it ensures my shadows are true to colour.

Now for the eye shadow palette many people rave about Urban Decay, but what about those of you whom are just starting out and don’t have hundreds to spend on a basic kit, well W7 happens to have the perfect dupe for just $10 AUD available at chemist warehouse! My personal favourite is the palette “In the Nude” as it can be worn for any occasion subtle or dramatic. The shadows do have a lot of fall out so I would recommend doing your eyes prior to your foundation or wearing an eye shield, but for the price you can’t complain too much! ***FYI I don’t use the brush it comes with as it doesn’t blend the best, instead I use my real techniques eye brushes***s-l1000.jpg

~ Setting spray. Mac Cosmetics sells a beautiful hydrating setting spray for just $20 AUD, this will keep your foundation looking perfect all night long! Can’t afford MAC? Try Australis setting spray also amazing and available in many different stores, I find this isn’t as hydrating as the MAC setting spray but it still does the job.

~ Liquid Lipstick. Many lipsticks require you to purchase a matching lip liner to avoid total disaster, but with Australis Velourlips Matte creams you can line and fill with one little applicator!

I know there are plenty of items I haven’t covered in here that I use in my own makeup routines but this is just for those whom are only starting out with personal makeup not professional. Have a topic you want to see on this blog? Comment below!

So there you go a brand new makeup kit that will suit both day and night time all you need now is to pick out your brushes. Happy shopping!

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