#OOTD – Ft. Rimmel disaster!

Busy day my lovelies but thought i’d pop a quick post up to inform you of todays outfit choice and this mornings Rimmel disaster!
So today I have chosen a knitted top from Valley Girl paired with my almost completely worn out Jeggings from Ice Design. I have about 3-4 pairs of these jeggings and have worn them to death by 3000 holes and undone stitching. They are full length, comfortable and can be worn with almost anything! Perfect for days when its slightly cool but you don’t want the discomfort of denim jeans. The top is comfortable and warm but well ventilated with the longer arm holes which prevents you from getting hot in buildings which may be warmer or have heating. The wool they have used doesn’t irritate my skin or feel scratchy.
This outfit would be a great choice for heading out to the movies or workplaces like hair salons where you are encouraged to be trendy but still need to be comfortable. For those of you who can’t walk in heels to save your life I have chosen a pair of cute brown ankle boots from Famous Footwear (Can you tell I love that store!). I bought these on sale for $25 AUD!
Kate Hill has some absolutely amazing bags to suit any outfit! For this outfit all you need is your sunglasses, lipstick, small purse & phone so throw away the big handbag and say hello to this beautiful small Kate Hill black bag. The right amount of detail without taking away from your overall look.

Of course you can’t complete the look without having your nails done so I’ve chosen Sally Hansens no light gel polish in the shade Game of Chromes!

My Rimmel Disaster!

So I picked up a few Rimmel products from the shops this week to review for you all and here’s what my thoughts are.

Rimmel London MAX VOLUMEFLASH Mascara – hands down the worst mascara I have ever used! When I first opened the product all the fibres had stuck to the wand like a thick paste! I thought perhaps I could rescue it by washing the wand under warm water the same way I usually wash my wands… UH UH, this didn’t help one bit! The application was clumpy, dry & even had fall out! Im sorry what? A mascara with fall out! No joke the formula dried to a powder like substance and fell off my wand onto my face just like an eyeshadow would. The mascara packaging states it is meant to add 14x volume, now for someone with quite long lashes, this mascara made them look tiny! No volume just inconsistent clumps of product. Would I purchase this again? NOOOO WAY! Not even if it was the last mascara on earth!

Moving on I also bought the Rimmel London BB Cream Matte. Now I will admit I am in love with the fact it comes out as a medium coverage and hides redness extremely well. It also lasts quite well. HOWEVER, it can be extremely patchy and not the easiest to blend, it does look cakey in dry areas so I would recommend purchasing the normal BB cream version for those spots of the face to avoid cracking. To even out the patchy areas I set with a pressed foundation powder rather than adding more layers as this softened the look and made it more natural. It does minimise the appearance of my pores which is great. In future I would moisturise my face prior to application to see if the blending process was smoother.

Last but not least the Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer – Although it does a good job of mattifyung the face the product is thick, sticky & heavy which is not at all appealing. I would still pay the extra money to have my Mac primer any day!

So there you go only 1/3 products would I re purchase and even then I’m sure there are better alternatives around. Save your $$$ and do not purchase the mascara no matter how tempting the small price tag is ~ C


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