Framing the face behind a lens

Hey girls! So today I want to help out with some tips for those wearing glasses on a regular basis, and don’t think for a second this is just for the girls with reading glasses, sunglass babes your included in this too! Not everyone can afford or handle the process of applying contact lenses, so I am here to make your life easier, check out my top 8 tips below!

1. MAKE SURE you always set your makeup with a setting spray/powder and let it dry before putting on your glasses. Nothing worse than taking your glasses off half way through a meal with a friend only to realise you are missing half your foundation and its smeared along your glasses leaving your handbag nice and dirty.

2. Go subtle on the lashes. If you are wearing reading glasses chances are they will magnify the appearance of your eye lashes which means any clumps you may have will look twice as tacky! Instead invest in lash tinting which will also mean no streaky mess on the back of your lenses, win win situation!

3. Blend your eye shadow well! If your lenses are going to enhance the features of your lashes you can bet it will zoom in on lack of blending also.

4. Dark eyeshadows are a no go with most reading glasses, unless you want to look like a panda with a thick frame, dark shadows and dark liner go for something subtle and leave your bold colours for the lips.

5. If you are going to wear eye liner make sure it matches your frames. Subtle liner = smaller frame, winged/thick liner = thick frame. You don’t want to look unco! Remember whatever you use will be magnified so practice practice practice! For sunglass users no one is going to notice your perfect wing behind a big bold pair of gold sunglasses so leave it for a night out.

6. Have small eyes? The good thing is your reading glasses will magnify them, and to help with this add some highlighting shimmer to the lower lid of your eye to brighten the area and really draw some attention.

7. Love your glasses and want to make them a fashion statement? Fill in those eyebrows with a pencil and gel to draw in some attention and frame that face!

8. Embrace those glasses girl! Chose ones that suit your face shape and make them a statement to remember.

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