De-Stress Sunday!

Sunday is here and it’s my least favourite day of the week! Why?Sunday is the one day of the week where I am too tired to do anything and end up wasting an entire day. I’m the type of person who has to constantly be achieving something or I get frustrated! So today I am doing my best to keep motivated as I have so much to do! After dragging myself out of bed this morning from a sleep in I cooked bacon, eggs and mushrooms for breakfast with my fiancé. Sounds like a good start to the day right? Yeah, thats before I realised we have 30000 loads of washing to do **Slight over exaggeration** and I have 3 sets of makeup brushes to deep clean ***Cringe***…

It got me thinking, what are the most common things I do for stress relief that I can pass onto you guys?  Read below for more info!

Declutter! ~ Every week I challenge myself to filling an entire large garbage bag full of things around the house, from paperwork to broken items to old clothes with holes in them. Doing this weekly means that its easier to keep on top of and having less stuff means less to clean up for when last minute guests come over! My mother always taught me when I was younger that if I bought a new item of clothing I should throw an old one out… Worked well whilst I was young, but when I moved out I ended up with 5 months worth of clothing and never threw anything out?! Why? Because my excuse was I never grew out of anything! I recently went through and threw out 4 large garbage bags of clothes as lets face it, we don’t wear EVERYTHING in our wardrobe and my younger sister loved receiving clothes that had been worn once or never at all as majority were still in style for her age group.

Candles ~ Go to Kmart and buy a 30 pack of tea light candles $3 AUD as well as 3 larger candles $1 AUD each. Light them up each evening for an hour or two, you will go through the tea lights quickly hense why I said get a big pack! My favourite is the berry candles and the apple and rhubarb, they make the house smell 10x better and mood lighting will help you wind down for bed if you are having difficulty getting to sleep at reasonable hours of the night.

Face Mask ~ Purchase a good quality face mask product that you can put on for 10-15 minutes whilst you are watching a tv show and wash off in the add breaks. This will kill two birds with one stone and ensure your skin care routine doesn’t take time out from doing the things you love. I use mine twice a week but be sure to check your product recommendation on how often you should apply it.

Drink plenty of water! ~ This is something I personally struggle with as I can’t stand the taste of water so I usually result to drinking heaps of cordial. Recently I found an awesome alternative with much less sugar content! Remember those pump flavoured water bottles you can buy that are like $4 a bottle! Well Coles now sells flavour drops which you can add to bottles of plain or carbonated water to take away the bitter taste, for just $4 AUD I get roughly 40-50 glasses or 30 bottles worth from each container. Powerade also now sells sport drops which makes it easier when your on the go instead of having to mix up powder as the small container is able to fit in your pocket! So why drink plenty of water? Well not only will staying well hydrated reduce your chance of deep wrinkles
it will reduce the strain on the rest of your body which is trying to work on limited supply. Lack of water consumption will make you tired meaning simple tasks will feel more exhausting than they have to be.


Have a bath ~ Showers won’t cut it, they are something regularly done and often in a rush out the door on your way to work. Grab a waterproof wireless speaker, put on some music or a movie and indulge in 1 hour of me time. Milk Baths or bath bombs are also a great way to minimise the time spent on skin care as they will take care of your skin for you whilst you relax!

Write yourself lists or get a diary! ~ With so many things on its important to prioritise and arrange things in a way you won’t run yourself into the ground. Creating to do lists for odd jobs around the house means you can check things off slowly at your own pace and housework won’t completely take over your life outside of work. A diary will ensure you don’t forget someones birthday, put a reminder at the beginning of the month of all the big events that require extra funds or effort so you aren’t blowing your budget at the last minute after forgetting to purchase a birthday gift. You will soon find that your list gets quite small as you make room for more important things.

Massages or Yoga ~ If you pay for private health care, USE IT! Treat yourself to that massage or pay for that yoga lesson. Make time for your health, there is only one version of you out there and we don’t have 9 lives! I am terrible at making time to do this but I am going to start trying to go at least once a month as both really make a difference to my sleep which of course also affects your stress levels.

So theres my 7 low cost tips for reducing stress and making your life easier! Have a blog topic you want to read about? Comment below!

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