Health/Sleep essentials! ft.Skinny is the new fat?!!

Keeping healthy and getting a decent nights sleep is not a simple task for many and for me it’s one of my biggest problems. Want to know how I combat both of these without a massive strain on my time or budget?! Read below!
Yoga in the living room! No equipment necessary just yourself, some comfortable clothing and a quiet surrounding or calm music. There are 3 specific poses I MUST complete before I can comfortably get to sleep at night due to chronic back pain that I have had since I was 12 years of age. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare approximately 13.6% of Australia’s population experience back problems and 70-90% will experience lower back discomfort. Yoga relieves quite a lot of pain from my back, stress and enables me to sleep a lot easier. For those of you who have $$$ to spend you can hit up a gym for weekly sessions with an instructor or purchase a DVD to stay in the comfort of your home, alternatively you can just utilise youtube to start you off with some techniques/poses.
The Doctors! Regular skin checks and blood tests keep a realistic view of health below the surface and saves you money on medication if you can see the beginning of a decline in one of your vitamins as you can combat this with the appropriate food sources.

Bulk Meals! When cooking dinners I cook in bulk and freeze the left overs which are used as our work lunches, this means we are eating a properly proportioned meal during the day and it’s healthier than takeaway.

House work at night!? Having that extra half hour sleep in the next morning is totally worth it right? Doing your housework at night means you can go to bed feeling accomplished and start the next day in a better mood from the extra sleep. It will even help you wind down in time for bed as of course its not the most exciting thing to do with your evening. My biggest thing is the dishes, if the kitchen bench is clear and the dishwasher is on my house feels 10x cleaner in the morning.

Voost Vitamin water! I often pick these up 2 for $7 AUD from coles as my Fiance is hopeless at remembering to take his vitamins and I’m sure these would work a treat for children too who hate tablets! They dissolve in water and taste soooo good which is great for people like myself who hate the taste of water. One tablet dissolved per day is all you need to consume and they come in a majority of vitamin ranges to suit everyone. These also make me feel 10x more refreshed/alert/focused of a morning.



Skinny is the new fat?!

The whole plus sized modelling and embracing bigger curves became quickly popular as a way to combat fat shaming issues however the past few years especially this has been taken to the point of being hypocritical. With a message that should have been delivered as promoting “healthy bodies” there is now an assumption of right and wrong. But who really has the right to determine someones health judged on appearance? We all know that BMI’s are far from what you should be using to determine your health as it does not take into consideration any health conditions or lifestyle choices. At 19 years of age I have personally heard it all, from countless doctors labelling me as “underweight”, to classmates asking if I have an “eating disorder” and others classing my body as “un natural”.

unnamed.jpgBut why is skinny seen as anorexic and curvy seen as obese? It is all personal opinion. My barbies as a child didn’t encourage me to be “skinny or influence the size my boobs should be” and curvy girls on magazine covers didn’t make me want to race to McDonalds for 10 more cheeseburgers either. There are limitations to what our bodies can achieve and what they should be, but promoting/shaming curves or bones is not the way to do it!

Meme’s like the below are NOT combating fat shaming, they are adding to the problem. We get so focussed on other people we forget to work on ourselves. Embrace what you have, and leave the rest to make their own choices. If you’re really that concerned about a friend, instead of putting them down perhaps find out the reason why they can’t gain or lose weight. Sometimes theres more to it than just motivation.

Become the solution, not the problem ~ C

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