Spring into winter! ft.budget activities

Townsville doesn’t exactly get spring or autumn.. We just get tropical rain downpours and overcast skies. So today I embraced 15 minutes of Yoga since driving anywhere was off the table, but for those of you heading out I have put together 3 outfits to suit your preferred style.
From around the house, to lunch with the girls to a dinner date here are 3 outfits I personally love! All three would best be paired with a stylish pair of sandals or wedges and a simple clutch. For hair loose curls would be perfect with some beach salt spray for added texture! Check out my review of the Rusk Miracurl

Ice Design – Top and Long Skirt
Supre – Shorts and Black skirt



Tired of doing the same things day in day out? Here’s a list of things that won’t break the bank you can consider!

~ Take a friend out for coffee! Thats right you heard me put the phone away, forget texting and go out for an hour with your friend to talk all the goss. Will give you a chance to get dressed up without spending big $$$ and no next morning hangover!

~ Host a bbq/pool party! Don’t have money for the festivals? Why not host your own get together! Throw together a BBQ lunch, some music, an esky of drinks and watch the boys go wild with a game of what wasn’t intended to be competitive cricket.

~ Start a sport! Are you the active type but get bored jogging on a treadmill alone? Join a social sport team with your friends one night a week. A chance to get out of the house, fit in your exercise and hang out with some friends whilst still not spending any more than a casual pass to the local gym. For me personally I chose yoga, I’m not the adrenaline type of person but my fiancé on the other hand does a night of cricket once a week.
~ Spring clean! Not the type of declutter/cleaning you usually hear of. No, go through your drawers and get out anything that hasn’t been used in 3-6 months and put some of it up for sale. This will add some extra $$$ to your pocket to buy something new you will use.

~ TV shows! Start an old favourite series from the very beginning. Everything will make so much more sense when you realise you missed half the clues!

~ 21 questions! How well do you really know your bestfriend/partner? Pick 21 questions to ask each other, this may even give you some ideas of new activities to try when you find out what their real favourites are.

~ Movie marathon! Is there a sequel coming out to a series of movies you and your best friend/partner love? Organise a movie marathon to catch up on all the greatest moments. Order a pizza, sit back and relax!

~ Dig up the family tree! Don’t have one yet? Sign up on Ancestry.com, start with the information you do know and watch your tree grow with photographs and stories! I found out soo many interesting things about where my family came from that I had no idea about before and now I will be able to pass this information onto future generations.

New blog post coming soon ~ C


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