Hairdressers guide to haircare

As an industry professional it is our job to keep up to date with new methods and products to educate our clients. This post below explains some of the most important questions hairdressers are asked EVERYDAY.
You wouldn’t think something as simple as shampooing and conditioning could be so difficult to get right but after reading the below majority of you won’t be so sure you are doing the best to keep your hair in top condition.

1. Clients question; “Why do I need to spend 2-3 times the price on a shampoo I can purchase in the same size at the supermarket?”

Answer; Salon products are highly concentrated meaning you utilise less formula per wash than you would with a diluted supermarket brand meaning you are actually spending the exact same amount. This is besides the fact that salon formulas are also much better quality. You may notice that some salon brand names are hitting the supermarket shelves, you would think these are genuinely the exact same product right? Wrong! Have you checked all the fine details, majority that the supermarkets have ordered in are knock off versions of the same product but this does not guarantee they are the same formula or quality.

So for those of you wondering what I use on my hair? The brand is “Clairol professional” which of course is a salon brand. Although I purchase mine at trade card prices because I am a qualified hairdresser their products are still extremely affordable if you count the fact that a little goes a long way with their formula. Remember to use one that is suited to YOUR hair type. (The below image is only a small portion of their range).


2. Client statement; “I just use whatever’s available”

Response; When washing your hair it is ESSENTIAL that you utilise something suited to your hair type. Hairdressers have done the training to determine your type, so go see them, take advantage during a haircut appointment and ASK what type you should be utilising. Using the correct product could save you $$$ on extra haircuts from damaged hair and re colouring your hair early from products that have stripped it like paint thinner. It could also save you from excessive hair loss which many women experience and blame it on the most obvious cause “Stress”, this is not the only contributor to hair loss so if you are experiencing it have it checked by a hairdresser and be prepared to tell them exactly what products your using and how often.

3. Treatments – These should not replace your conditioners. Why? Treatments are a stronger form of conditioner and using it too often will cause an imbalance in your hairs condition. Instead of repairing you will be coating it with un necessary product which will weigh your hair down and ultimately make it quite greasy. Use a treatment as directed which is usually only once a week. If your hair is still extremely dry purchase spray oils like Moroccan or Argan oil, check with your hairdresser first that your hair is naturally dry and not just damaged from heat styling tools before purchasing anything.

4.  Shampoo your hair twice. If you only clean your scalp and hair once not only will your hair become oily very quickly again but hair products like spray/gel etc will build up. Condition the mids to ends of your hair only and not the roots, your roots create their own essential oils and adding extra will only make your hair greasy. Wash your hair every second day and use dry shampoo on the days in-between, washing your hair too often can cause damage/breakage and imbalances in the natural oils.

5. Stay away from Treseme and Pantene. These two products are every hairdressers NIGHTMARE. Litterally! Their products coat your hair with dangerous silicone layers which is what makes your hair look “shiny”. In reality it is extremely dangerous for people who colour their hair especially with bleach.

Don’t believe me? Heres a real life story that I witnessed as a 1st year apprentice in a local salon years ago.

Another stylists client had an extreme chemical reaction to their hair dye due to using Treseme. This client was not allergic to any of the dyes utilised which had been used on her in the past also prior to making Treseme part of their hair care routine. Had that stylist not washed her hair out within minutes of noticing the excessive foaming reaction the clients hair would of turned to jelly and fallen out. I have never seen so much foam, her hair was boiling hot due to the reaction!

Moral of the story always be honest with your hairdresser of the products you use ~ C

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