#MOTD ft. Life-Changing Beauty Hacks

Hey lovelies so today I decided to bring a fresh face to my blog with my makeup inspiration. She may look a little familiar to you all as she happens to be my 13 yr old sister! Every now and then I have her come and stay for a night then wake her up the next morning ready to put a full face of makeup on and have her hair done for no reason other than, because we can! 🙂

PS. Ignore the fact the eyelash glue had not fully dried I didn’t want to wait to take a photo haha!


Basic Makeup Details

Foundation – Mac Studio Fluid Fix NC25
Eyelashes – ModelRock #212
Lipliner – Chi Chi Cosmetics
Lipstick – Australis Cosmetics
Lipgloss – Napoleon Perdis
Eyeshadow – Morphe Brushes
Highlighter – The Balm Cosmetics
Bronzer – BH Cosmetics

These beauty hacks will change your life without breaking the bank!

Turning a shimmery lipstick to matte ~ Grab a single tissue or piece of toilet paper, separate the layers until you are left with just one. Place this over the lipstick & using a powder brush gently dab setting powder over the tissue. Remove the tissue and there you go! Not only will they look more matte the lipstick will last longer too. **If you don’t have a setting powder, compact powder foundation will also work***

Run out of lipgloss?! ~ Grab some vaseline & either a loose or broken pigment eyeshadow… Crush it all up and mix it together. Instant tinted lipgloss for only a few $$!

DIY Mascara Combo ~ Mix and match your favourite wands with your preferred mascara formula, no need to spend big to get the best of both worlds!

Tired eyes ~ Use a white eyeliner in the waterline & rub some ice under the lash line to reduce the look of puffy eyes! Perfect for the next morning hangover.

DIY Waterproof liner ~ Have an event where your eyeliner needs to last all night and you don’t own waterproof liner? Grab an eyeliner brush and dip it in your waterproof mascara. It will do exactly the same job. Just remember to wash your brush straight away so it doesn’t clump!

Hairdryer Service ~ Use an old toothbrush to clean out your hairdryer filter!

Thin hairline ~ Add small strokes of eyeshadow in the part line to make your hair seem thicker and add more volume.

New blog post coming soon ~ C

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