Wonder’full Vs Scandal Eyes ~ First Impression

So you may remember reading about my Rimmel Mascara disaster in a previous blog. The product code and all the other details were sent off to the manufacturers and there has been no sign of it being a faulty one off product it was the same across the entire range released. Rimmel London has been kind enough to supply me with two brand new mascaras from different ranges for me to provide an honest review and hopefully restore my faith in their brand. Want to know my honest first impression? Read below!

Waterproof Wonder’full Mascara 

So upon opening this product I was so pleased to see they had used a rubber wand instead of synthetic hair bristles. I find these work more efficiently, are easier to clean and don’t clump the product anywhere near as much as synthetic bristles.
For the application process I found their formula was still very thin and dry so I did have to use 4-5 layers to achieve my normal 1-2 layered natural look. I do think it is great though for people who are using it for work makeup as the waterproof will allow it to stay on all day whilst not being too dramatic/over the top.wonderfull_waterproof_product.jpg

I found the wand separated the lashes well so I didn’t need to go in with a separate wand, there were a few small clumps that I needed to remove from the tips of my lashes but nothing major.

Now something that I did love that not many products have is Rimmel London have added argon oil to the mascara, this helps look after the condition of your lashes which is especially important for those who wear it frequently.

Would I purchase this? Absolutely, I would perhaps only use it for daily makeup though or under false lashes as it is not intense enough for an evening out.

Scandal Eyes – Rockin’ Curves Mascara

I was VERY sceptical when I first opened the mascara seeing the wand my first thought was OMG synthetic bristles and an awkward shape how the heck am I going to make this work! Now this is not my original image of the wand but as you can tell it is not your usual wand2.JPGshape. The shape is very clever as ideally it would apply the correct amount of product and curves to the lashes IF it was made of rubber. Unfortunately because it was made from synthetic bristles the product has clumped together in some areas which is not only annoying for application but means that you are spending un necessary time consistently cleaning the wand.

I had a few laughs attempting to apply this mascara as unlike a generic straight wand where you can apply from any angle there is really only one technique and side you can use this from.

I am happy to say there was no fall out from this product and it didn’t smudge below my lash line as I opened my eyes ***I have natural long lashes***.
Im unsure if I would re purchase this one. It definitely was more dramatic but I did need to use the waterproof wonder’full mascara wand to re separate the lashes and remove clumps. Perhaps if they remade the same product using a rubber wand I would purchase it again? IDK… Comment below if you have tried this and what your thoughts were

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