Confessions of a hairdresser

The vintage women are chatting and secrets

Hairdressing salon back rooms are known for gossip central, as much as we love our job we love the crazy stories that come from it just as much! So below I am posting a list of honest confessions from a hairdressers side of the chair.

Hairdrying ~ This is the most awkward time for a hairdresser, chances are our responses will be laughter or yes while we are secretly hoping you didn’t just ask us a question! Wait the extra two seconds for a pause between hair drying sections and ask us, I can guarentee your chances of us understanding you correctly will double!

Scissors ~ We are very protective of our scissors! These are literally our babies and our lifeline when it comes to the job. Please DO NOT ever let a child handle them, not only is it dangerous but if they drop them on the floor your hairdresser will be dying on the inside as they realise that they now have to buy a brand new pair due to blade damage.

Head lice ~ There is nothing worse than having a child come into the salon only to find they have head lice. Not only do we have to find a polite way to cancel your appointment but it means hours of disinfecting the salon and making sure that they can’t transfer to another client.

Something new ~ We absolutely LOVE when clients want to try something different with their haircuts, give us a challenge! Doing the same styles can get slightly boring.

Haircare ~ Hearing our client say they use “Treseme or pantene” should really qualify for $2 in the swear jar. There is a correct way to wash your hair hense why it feels so amazing after having it done in the salon. Unsure if your caring for it correctly? Click here to view my haircare blog post.

Late/No show ~ One of the worst things you can possibly do to your hairdresser is show up significantly late or not show up at all. This is not their hobby its the food on their table and roof over their head. Running late means you will run your hairdresser late for all their other appointments and may cause them to loose clientele if a client is unable to wait or reschedule, for those who work for themselves no showing also means they don’t get paid.

Last but not least when making the choice to have a dramatic colour change ask your hairdresser the cost on upkeep for this look. Going from dark to blonde is not a one off payment, it will include costs of regrowth, toning, possibly foils, and perhaps even a shampoo & conditioner change. If you are going to spend big colouring your hair make sure you can afford to look after it. You wouldn’t spend hundreds of dollars on makeup only to leave it in the sun to melt right?

So there you have it 7 honest confessions of a hairdresser! ~ C

Are you a hairdresser? Have something else you want to add to the list. Comment below! 🙂

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