Blog goals for 2016

Morning sunshine! It’s an early start for me today I am off on a road trip out west for 4 days over easter. Unfortunately this means I have zero reception so my Instagram will be pretty bare until monday night! So seeing as I was in a mad rush to pack and didn’t have a lot of time to do a makeup or hair inspo I thought id take advantage of letting you all know my 2016 blog goals!

Many of you would be aware that I am a qualified hairdresser and makeup artist and work for myself but in my spare time I am often organising these blog posts you read 3-4 times a week.11214349_10153268014118961_576899338108237714_n.jpg

This year I am aiming for the following;

~ Weekly makeup tutorials, OOTD inspiration and hair inspiration
~ Posting at least 2-3 times a week
~ Collaborate with some amazing hair/beauty/makeup/clothing brands
~ Monthly Question and Answers
~ Grow my social media following; WordPress, twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

I have so many things planned for this year so I can’t give away everything in one go! I will be sure to have a new blog post up ASAP but if you don’t hear from me again until monday don’t stress I’m just chillin out with the local kangaroos and cattle 😉 ~ C

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Images by Pania Brown Photography


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