Ageing the right way ~ Skin Care

Ageing skin is ultimately inevitable but what if I told you theres plenty of ways to hold off on wrinkles, lack of elasticity and discolouration?

When skin sags many think Botox and Fillers are the ultimate answer but really they are a temporary mask and in a lot of cases it can even make the problem worse. Adding Botox or Fillers to areas which lack elasticity stretches the skin and creates a larger hole under the skins surface meaning that you are more likely to keep repeating the process when it fades each time as your skin looks worse and worse. Of course its completely up to you what you put in your skin but why not try to fix the problem rather than mask it? Below are my affordable tips for keeping your skin healthy on every layer.

~ Squinting and frowning encourage crows feet as your skin is encouraged to position itself in a particular way. Wear sunglasses where possible to avoid squinting and as for the frowning I’m sure you know what to do there!

~ Milk baths! Add a cup of milk to your next bath as a natural softener, perfect for those with sensitive skin or don’t like the feeling of moisturisers.

~ Tone that face! Toners encourage the tightening of your skin as they close your pores, they also dry up excess oil leaving you to feel refreshed.

~ Minimise the alcohol. Yep thats right girl put your glass of wine down and swap it for the water. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and encourages it to crack/flake. Same goes for your daily coffee, sorry girls!

~ Wearing old glasses or contacts with the wrong script will cause you to squint more so keep up with those regular eye checks!

~ Ditch the suntans and opt for self or spray tans. Suntans are a call for dry skin, hyper pigmentation or increase in cancer risks so pay the extra $$$ and get yourself a good self tan or bronzing lotion which will do just as good if not better! 12745657_936530976443351_8122360350248549414_n.jpgYour skin will look 10 times better when you are older having kept its elasticity intact and not drying out so much. Read my review on Model Co’s natural self tan here

Last but not least, remember to moisturise after shaving/waxing! Dry and irritated skin is not a good look, my absolute go to is Johnsons moisturiser for dry skin from my local Coles.

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