#OOTD ft.replacing hairbrushes

Are you replacing your hairbrush regularly enough? Majority of people wouldn’t think there was an expiry date but there sure is!
How to tell your hairbrush needs replacing?

There are a few easy giveaways like when bristles have split or the protective bubbles have fallen off the ends. After a good 6-12 months not only is there a build up of bacteria and old hair strands, if you look close enough you will be able to notice a build up of hair products like sprays and gels. You wouldn’t brush your teeth with a dirty toothbrush so why would you do it to your hair?

You can extend the life of your brushes by using the end of a fine tooth comb to remove old hair strands and soaking your brushes in bi-carb soda once a week to remove any excess
hair product and bacteria. The other most important way to get a full lifespan out of your brush is to use the right type for you. There is no point clogging up a brush meant for fine hair when you have thick coarse hair.

March_Brush_Types_Hero.jpgHair Brush Guide

Natural Bristles – For all hair types
Mixed Bristles – Normal to thick hair
Paddle Brush – For straight hair
Round Brush – For blowouts
Metal Brush – To create curls
Vented Brush – To create curls
Wide tooth comb – To detangle hair
Fine tooth comb – To smooth hair or tease



So today being busy catching up on things around the house and with the business I needed a quick comfortable outfit that was practical for everything I had planned to do.My light cotton high neck top is from Valley Girl Fashion RRP $15 AUD paired with some cute high waisted shorts I purchased in Sydney made by the brand Avacado RRP $30 AUD. The outfit was so comfortable I managed to do my morning Yoga stretches in it! This outfit could easily be worn to a lunch with girlfriends paired with some wedges or a festival if worn with a cap and converse. This top would also look fab with high waisted jeans and wedges.


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