Beards on point!

Today I thought I would change the direction of attention to the males. Did you know there is a correct way to care for your beloved facial hair? Read more below!

So with the last Beards concert fast approaching I thought I would give all facial hair enthusiasts some early advice to get those beards or stubble on point!

~ Condition or moisturise that facial hair. Trust me guys, your girlfriend will love you for not making them feel like their face has been scratched to the limit, and it will make your beard/side burns look longer as they won’t curl so much.

~ If you are anaemic your beard/facial hair will thin out in most cases so be sure to get on top of those vitamin and mineral levels to achieve fuller coverage!

~ Coarse facial hair? This is caused by improper care, just like the hair on top of your head you can experience split ends so remember to condition and trim regularily.

~ Do not use shampoo on your facial hair, your scalp and skin on the face are different. Instead exfoliate and cleanse with facial cleansers. This will especially help for those who shave as you will minimise the chances of ingrown hairs. Natio have a range specifically for men available here

~ Get your eyebrows done! Just like makeup you want one feature on your face not multiple. You should have two clearly identifiable eyebrows. For those who want the emphasis on the beard have your eyebrows groomed with more shape, but for those without the facial hair ensuring you don’t have a monobrow is about as far as you have to go with grooming those catapillars.

~ Is your facial hair multiple different colours? Ask your local beautician or hairdresser to put a facial tint on the affected area. The tint lasts 4-6 weeks and will make your facial hair look healthier.

~ Last but not least grab your tickets to the concert before they sell out!

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