The Glam Life ~ Ft. Photographic makeup

Makeup for Photo Shoots is where my hobby and career begun. With a diploma of Photography behind me I wanted to add to my services and as I loved high end portraiture I decided makeup would combine perfectly! 1924500_964450493567655_1692569587444907093_n.jpg

For those not very educated in the world of beauty there is a MASSIVE difference between the makeup application techniques used for on and offscreen models which is especially important for flash photography most often used for magazine publications. The following tips won’t just relate to those hitting the red carpet it will help with your selfies and night club photographs to stop you looking like a ghost!Read more below!

8191_1167860126560023_7111784177786088304_n.jpgSPF ~ This is the worst thing you can have in your foundation/moisturiser when it comes to flash photography. They will make you appear as if you are pale or have an uneven complexion. It is best to avoid these and instead invest in matte or HD foundations and just add highlighter/bronzer where necessary to give a more natural finish.

Powder ~ Unless you are hitting the front page of an olive oil advertisement you do not want to look like your pores are working overtime! Add powder over your foundation to keep the shine at bay and if you are being photographed for long periods of time take some blotting papers with you to remove shine, a quick and easy fix that doesn’t require dragging an entire handful of makeup in your clutch.11883997_849459258483857_3686538825554661881_o.jpg

GO BOLD! ~ Flash photography lightens your application, so its okay to go slightly OTT compared to your usual makeup application, but remember to blend! No one likes a cake face and editors will hate you if they have to spend un necessary hours fixing up spray tan gone wrong or patchy bronzers.

Full focus ~ If you want the eyes to be your main feature, darken your crease line to draw in more attention. Don’t make the mistake of darkening waterlines too much if you have small eyes as this will make them disappear and seem disproportionate to the face.

Eyebrows ~ It is so easy for flash to make half an eyebrow suddenly disappear so make sure you fill them in properly, I tend to do them slightly darker on the outer edges than normal just to be safe.

Hope these help! New blog post coming soon! Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe ~ C

Images by Pania Brown Photography all makeup done by myself.

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