Fresh Cut Friday ~Why you won’t look like Cameron Diaz!

Have you ever walked into a hair appointment with an image of your favourite celebrity only to walk out looking nothing like them? Here are the warning signs you may be missing!

~ Unless you are on a film set 7 days a week and have a personal hair stylist you need to consider the following; how much time do you have to style your hair and will the styling technique require products/tools etc that you don’t already own or know how to use. Your hairdresser WILL ask you about your current habits & routine, be honest new years resolutions don’t last so unless you are seriously committed to the additional time in front of the mirror each morning do not go for the chop!

~ Before you set your mind on a haircut style as yourself, WHAT DONT YOU LIKE about your current hairstyle? Is it too long, too heavy, not enough shape, not enough volume? Express these concerns to your hairdresser before your haircut, they will have recommendations for you and they may not always be what you expect.

~ Why don’t you look like Cameron Diaz? Hunny unless you have the same complexion, facial features, face shape, styling products, hair type, the list goes on you are not going to look like an airbrushed celebrity. Chose a hairstyle that highlights your facial features, just like clothing you will always look 10x better with something that actually suits you not just the current trends.

~ Fringes. I am not kidding you when I say 7/10 mums will come see me for a hair appointment asking for something completely different and their ideal solution is a fringe after saying they want something low maintenance. Lovelies stop right there! Fringes and low maintenance do not go in the same sentence and if you are someone who is finding it too hot to have hair on your neck so you just tie it up all day everyday, chances are your just going to pin back the fringe also. Instead why not have the bulk taken out of your hair and a bit of natural shaping around the back that won’t require you to do any self styling of a morning when you are already running late to drop the kids off to school.

~ Hair products. It is so incredibly important to let your hairdresser know what you are using as this can contribute to some of the problems you may have with your hair. If you can’t afford to buy a salon product speak up and ask for recommendations of the product type you should be looking for in your price range but ask this while you are in the chair not at the counter as you want their honest opinion not their need to reach sales targets opinion. Don’t be shocked if they can’t tell you a specific supermarket brand to purchase or they have never heard of the one your using before that is not their domain, but if you ask them about a salon product they can probably tell you what isle, what name the price you name it as they’ve most likely walked down that isle 300 times in the last month.

~ Use images off local hairdressers pages! When you go to have your haircut use the Facebook images your hairdresser provides as guides for the style you want. These images are realistic not only of what an average persons hair can achieve but the style techniques that your hairdresser uses. All hairdressers have different cutting styles and it is important to remember this.

Now if you are after a complete change and no idea what you want make a list of the issues you have with your hair take it to your hairdresser and ask them for a recommendation, after all they are the ones trained specifically for this!

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