Curly haircare and split end revival

If you have not had your morning tea/coffee yet go put the kettle on because this post is going to need ALL of your attention! Now before I get into detail with todays main topic I just need to have a quick little hairdresser rant. So many people are asking me the BEST way to revive those split ends. My answer; GET A HAIRCUT! Seriously girls that 4 inches of lifeless hair even though only 1 inch looks split to you is completely dead, no amount of chemical CPR is going to bring it back. So now that I’ve finished answering that question it’s time to focus on looking after those gorgeous ladies with curls!

Now I don’t mean the girls with the simple waves I mean those girls or guys for that matter with ringlets! You either love them or you hate them and I’m going to give you a whole lot of ways to make you love them even more!

~ Purchase a sulphate free shampoo. Sulphate strips the hair of moisture which stops your curls from defining and instead causes unwanted frizz!

~ Layers! These make your curls fall so much nicer, provide more shape and take the weight out of your hair reducing headaches. Remember though that your hair will bounce back after a haircut so trust your hairdresser to cut them at the right length that your hair can still define itself.

~ Haircuts. Get regular trims, you want your hair to be healthy as possible so those curls don’t look like cobwebs from split ends! I also recommend having your hair naturally dry before attending your appointment so your hairdresser can accurately see how the curls fall and how tight they are.

~ Beach spray! After you brush through your dry hair you will find majority of the curls will have separated, use some beach spray to quickly bring out those ringlets we all love! It is cheap, easy to apply and doesn’t feel greasy like most other gels/waxes etc. Just make sure to wash your hair really good to avoid product buildup.

~ ASK YOUR HAIRDRESSER. If they style your hair or add product remember to ask for a demonstration. Nothing worse than getting home looking great and not being able to recreate that look so you spend the next 6 weeks looking like a wet mop.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @kiarra.leigh  from Fashion Blog “Latest Curiosity“!!!! I bought balloons to celebrate even though we are miles apart today! 🎂🍾🎈

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