Back to school lifesavers! Ft.17 year old me

One more week guys until your back hitting the books and if your in senior year I can guarantee you have already started counting down the days until graduation. So heres some tips to get you through the rest of the year without taking too much time away from your study.

~ If you live in Australia soon enough it is going to be winter and that means stockings are coming out from the bottom of your wardrobe. Spray your tights before putting them on with hairspray to avoid lines & loose threads. Wash them in your underwear delicates bag to remove the hairspray so that after a few applications they won’t feel like cardboard and your washing machine won’t chew them up like a missing pair of socks!

~ Give cheap jewellery a coat of your clear nail polish/top coat to prevent tarnishing.

~ Rather than spending 30-40 minutes curling your hair in the morning wash your hair the night before, blow dry & braid into 2-4 plats depending on hair thickness. When you wake up press your straightener over the braids on medium heat a few times up and down the length of the braids and then pull the braids out. Quick and simple waves ready for school photos!

~ Did you leave an assignment until the last minute and run out of time to wash your hair? Invest in dry shampoo! It will get you through that extra day while you get on top of school work

~ Apply a magnetic strip to the inside of your bedside table draw. This way you can pull all your hairpins out at night, pop them up against the magnetic strip and not have to spend un necessary time in the morning searching for them!

~ Put your face mask on while studying or watching your favourite Tv show to keep up with your skin care routine

~ Have a crease in your shirt collar? Use your straightener on low-medium heat and gently but quickly press out that line! No need to setup and pack up the ironing board.

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