The time capsule of beauty

It’s no secret our skin changes in each decade that goes by and with magazines primarily promoting products for 20 and flawless or 80 and wrinkles its no wonder women end up purchasing the wrong products for their skin! Heres my list of essential products tailored to each age group.

Disclaimer ***It is always a good idea to have your skin looked at by a dermatologist/beauty therapist before dramatically changing skin routines***

10 yrs ~ Routine is such a big thing when your children get older, as they hit puberty in their teen years their hormones will set for a wild change in their skin condition. Start them off with a basic cleanser to use in the shower & encourage them to use a face mask once a week while they are watching a Tv show, it will blend in so well with their normal routine they won’t even stress over losing time!

20 yrs ~ As much as people will tell you otherwise these are not the years for experimenting. Your lifestyle choices now will show 10x more obvious on your face in 30 years. High amounts of caffeine, dairy and alcohol can cause you to have health problems later in life. Suntanned skin will turn to leather as you age so opt for a natural self tanner or spray tan instead!

30 yrs ~ Now is about the time you will start to notice uneven pigmentation, fine lines and rough textured skin as your skin cell regeneration begins to slow down. Start incorporating more vitamin C to keep those crows feet at bay!

40 yrs ~ As hormone levels begin to change so does your skin. Dry skin areas will make fine lines stand out so remember to moisturise those areas! Your lymphatic drainage in the face slows down meaning more puffy eyes of a morning, tackle this with a few cubes of ice under the eye gently for a few seconds, eye cream can be used but ideally you should avoid putting too many chemicals near the eye area.

50 yrs+ ~ No matter how well you cared for your skin in the past loss of elasticity and collagen is inevitable but hopefully these changes are minimal from better preventative care in your younger years. Now that your sebum production has slowed down it is important to massage your moisturiser into your face to stimulate natural oil production.

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