DIY Nail Repair!

How heartbreaking is it when your so busy in the moment doing something and all of the sudden your nail just snaps or tears! Even worse when you are no where near a nail file or clippers to fix it. I went from having weak, uneven nails to long healthy and strong nails in less than 6 months. Now I was never a nail biter so please take into account it does take longer for those who have severely damaged their nails and nail beds to recover but I am here to help you get them long beautiful nails back! Read my tips below

Now before you start making changes take a photo of your nails, you will want to do this on the same day of each month for 6 months to really see the improvement. Be sure to post your progress in the below comments! Here are my tips;
~ Start from scratch. If you have uneven or weak long nails, cut them short right now! Those dead flimsy ends will not be coming back to life just like a good diet you need to start from basics.

~ Forget the fakes. If you have gel/acrylic nails get them removed PROFESSIONALLY. These will stunt the growth of your nail and leave an uneven finish they can also cause discolouration if done with cheap nasty products which even some of your “professional” asian salons will use. Please do not soak them off at home get a professional to minimise damage.

~ Avoid alcohol based hand sanitisers as this will dry out the skin and cuticle and prevent your nails from absorbing the natural oils/keratin it needs to be healthy and strengthen.

~ Minimise exposure to harmful chemicals. If you are working with chemicals quite a lot or still hand wash your dishes wear gloves where possible.12011295_864282693668180_9023729541701517399_n.jpg

~ Have you started to get a small rip in your nail? DO NOT PLAY WITH IT. Grab a fresh teabag and cut out the shape of your nail. Paint one coat of clear base polish on the nail & place the teabag cut out directly on the nail before the polish dries. Press down for a tight fit & apply one more coat of clear polish. Once this has dried paint two coats of your preferred nail polish colour & seal with a top clear coat. Leave this on or remove and repeat until your nails have grown to a point where you are happy to trim the tip off :). There you go! No more uneven nails!

~ Invest in a cuticle oil. Rub this on your cuticles twice a week and avoid putting nail polish directly on the cuticle as it can dry the skin out and cause discolouration of the skin.
~ Gel polishes are best. Why because they last longer and are harder which means your nails are less likely to bend as much this will allow your nails to strengthen.

~ Before putting polish or base coat on always do a quick light buff of the top of the nails to keep a nice clean even surface, this will minimise polish streaks.

Give the above a go and don’t forget to send me your progress images! New blog post coming soon. Like, comment and subscribe to see more posts like this one ~ C



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