The good, the bad, the ugly!


Have you ever seen something that makes you cringe become a trend?! As a hairdresser and makeup artist it is something I see on a weekly basis. Below are the 2016 returning trends that really should disappear!

~ Mullets. You can have length and layers without looking like an unfinished haircut!


~ Bushy untamed brows. Nothing hurts the soul more than untamed brows. They should frame the face not be the face! Now I am not saying they need to be as skinny as a caterpillar but it wouldn’t hurt to at least tweeze the edges and trim any overly long hairs.40cd9e6a34fe0e4a109d71d7c17cc71e.jpg

~ Clumpy lashes! Completely cringe worthy, it even looks uncomfortable! You should be using mascara to enhance the look of your lashes not degrade them! Fibre mascaras are the most common offenders for creating clumpy lashes from incorrect application techniques or dodgy formula.



Comment below which 2016 trends make you cringe! New blog post coming soon. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe ~ C




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