Health guide to long hair

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 1.25.38 pm.png
If you are going to have long hair you MUST invest in it and ensure it is healthy. Keeping your split ends is not in any way going to be worth it as your hair will always be dead and lifeless and difficult to manage. Usually I would focus on products to use however today I am going to teach you how to manage your hair with your diet/vitamins!

~ Vitamin C! Add more of this to your daily food intake as this will help strengthen the hair follicle to minimise breakage.

~ Vitamin D & Omega 3. These promote hair growth which is perfect for those of you whom are trying to grow out the last of an old hair colour ready for it to be cut off at your next hair appointment.

~ Vitamin E. This will encourage blood flow around the scalp and boost hair growth also.

~ Now this technically you don’t eat but buy an avocado mash it up and paste it onto your scalp for 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly to help remove dead skin cells on the scalp.

~ Almonds. These will help thicken your hair if eaten daily.

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