Makeup Crimes ft. How I get followers!

Have you ever looked at someones full face of makeup and just gone “that should seriously be illegal” or “What were they thinking!”, I have collected a list of makeup mistakes that I personally think are an insult to life itself haha. Read more below!

~ Overly arched brows, non existent brows & big bushy untamed brows. Where is my vomit bag, these are the three things that truly break my soul after doing my beauty training. Eyebrows should not look like the Nike logo or advertisement for McDonalds in the middle of your forehead! By all means have thick brows but they should still have shape!

Click here for more about brow care on one of my recent blog posts.

~ Touching up day old makeup. This is a big NO, always remove your makeup before going to bed and if you can’t fit in a full cleanse routine at least use makeup wipes then cleanse in the morning. Day old makeup just looks cakey and oh so gross! Click here for more about skin care

~ Just the face. Do not forget about your ears/hairline and neck! Blending is key

~ Unblended/uneven makeup.. Need I say more!

~ Fibre lash mascara. Unless you know how to use this correctly and have somehow found a fibre lash mascara that can change my world you will look like a spider is forming from your eyeballs, talk about clumpy and just totally unattractive.

~ Tan lines! Girls if you have had a failed spray tan, exfoliate it off or learn how to cover it up correctly. Nothing worse than being a photographer and spending extra unpaid hours fixing up someones dodgy tan line because they couldn’t be bothered buying some $10 exfoliator.

So now that I am done bagging out the horrendous makeup crimes I will have a post coming up with what trends are totally on point soon!


2959eb60f94365fe64b6b7a73ac89472.jpgA hot topic amongst a lot of my friends and followers lately is how I grew my blog and Instagram following to be as large as it is. Want to know how I grew it without spending a single cent? Read below

~ 1. Keep your content relevant. If you are a makeup blogger, majority of your fans are not going to care about what soccer game is on TV or if you can do a hand stand unless you are doing a “Get to know me tag or VLOG in which case most of these are more personal insights into your daily life”.

~ 2. Don’t spam your followers. Try to keep your posts a few hours apart if possible, except for twitter because we all know how stupid the word limit is and that nothing fits into just one post!

~ 3. Keep your editing consistent. If you use filters, try to keep them similar amongst majority of your posts for a cleaner look.

~ 4. DO NOT go onto bigger social media accounts asking for shout outs, they did the hard work building up their accounts so learn from them and aim to be bigger instead of just using them. Plus it will make you look desperate.

~ 5. Use your hashtags. As you get more followers you won’t need these as much but it is a great way to capture more of an audience that is interested in your topic that are not already following you. Remember not to use the hashtag “Soccer” in an image of a bikini, because we all know that is completely not relevant. Use hashtags that are popularly searched but still relevant to your image.

~ 6. F4F is a no go, you want to follow people relevant to your social media accounts as your followers will view these people as your recommendations of who else to follow.

~ 7. Collaborate with other companies but only ones that are relevant or you truly actually like. This is something that you need to already have a steady following before companies will show any interest in you.

~ 8. Post at least once a day to keep your followers interested.

~ 9. Post at times relevant to your audience/peak hour for them to be online.

Last but not least remember it takes TIME to build up a decent following


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