Drugstore Haul & #MOTD

So as I am sure a lot of you would know Priceline is having a 48 hour sale on cosmetics with everything being 40% off! I thought I would take advantage of this to test out a few new items for you all! If you would like to see a tutorial on this makeup look leave a comment below!

The sale was perfect timing for me to repurchase my favourite Australis primer (The original). I noticed however that there must be a change in the formula as the brand new one applies so much nicer than the old version or perhaps I just got a better batch this time. The new tube does not feel as sticky or difficult to spread across the face. This is not really ideal for oily skin as it doesn’t minimise the appearance of pores but would work excellent on dry skin as it is very moisturising so for that reason I absolutely love to use it in my dry areas under my foundation!unnamed-2.jpg

Next I purchased the SAVVY liquid concealer in light. I found this was still too dark for my skin tone and it did not blend very nicely or give much coverage. It had that sunscreen like application. I probably wouldn’t repurchase this as I like a very full coverage.

RIMMEL LONDON Provocalips was a real leap of faith. I have been on the hunt for a good long wear nude lipstick and been disappointed with how easily so many of them fade. I purchased the shade Skinny Dipping. So far this has lasted really well although it is not high in coverage/pigmentation or matte which sucks as that is more my taste. This would definitely work well for a more natural look. Is it 16 hour wear? I will update you later on my Instagram and twitter after wearing it a bit longer!

The Australis AC ON TOUR powder kit was a complete disaster. Probably because I failed to read that I bought it for Dark complexion instead of light but I was too distracted by the sale signs hahaha. This is soooo heavily pigmented which in some ways is great however the formula was difficult to blend which annoyed me.I removed this from my face so it is not in my #MOTD image as the colour match was just so incredibly wrong for my skin.

Lastly I purchased two new Models Prefer brushes the MPD101 liner which I used under my eye before smudging the colour, I also purchased the MP07 shape and fill brush for my brows great for a natural look but not so great for fine detail.

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