Everyday Makeup Routine

Hey guys,

I have had a few messages requesting my everyday makeup routine, so here’s the most common routine that I have for when I am having a lazy day or not going anywhere too special. If you would like to see this in video footage please leave a comment below and I will be sure to film it!

So as this is just my generic routine I do not usually reach for my false lashes or any dramatic liners but this look would still look flawless with either added!

Of a morning regardless if I am going to put on a full face of makeup or not I wash, cleanse & prime my face. I leave my intensive cleansing routine to a night time so this is often just my Biore Charcoal Cleanser and a toner followed by either my Mac Prep and Prime spray or a toner.

After this I put on my Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation in the shade NC25, this is by far my most used foundation on myself. I also use the Mac Pro Longwear Concealer to conceal any blemishes or dark circles & assist with contouring my face. Once this is blended I add a pressed powder over the areas of my face where I am not going to use highlighter as I like a very matte finish. This is followed by bronzer under the cheek bones, on the temples and my nose. Something I am absolutely obsessed with lately is adding my highlighter from the Balm Cosmetics to above the cheekbone and lips, so highly pigmented and just beautiful although I am not wearing it in this image. unnamed-3.jpg

I can not leave the house without having my brows at least slightly done so filling in with some powder and setting into place with my brow gel is a must!

I then pop on my lipliner and lipstick, I love matte colours and liquid lipsticks. There are soo many favourites of mine but PA-REE from Australis although it is a drugstore product and doesn’t last super long is one of my absolute go to’s for day to day wear. In this image I am however wearing the Provocalips liquid lipstick by Rimmel which is very similar.

Now to give my skin a slightly more natural look and finish it off I spray my Mac Prep and Prime on my face. Doing this before my mascara or eyeliner means no mess to clean up if it runs. I then use a waterproof mascara depending on which brand I prefer at the time, at the moment I am using the Rimmel Wonder’full Lashes Mascara and popping some eyeliner on the bottom lash line.

There it is my general daily makeup routine, simple and easy. I love adding winged or smokey liner to this look when using a shadow on my eyes but yesterday I just was not feeling colourful!


unnamed-2.jpgNow if any of you are living in the tropics at the moment you would know it has been ridiculously hot! I have been so tempted for about a month or two now to cut my hair short again but with the wedding approaching in under 4 months I tried to resist temptation. Well this morning it all got too much and I called up my mother and headed to her place with my hairdressing scissors and asked her to just CUT IT OFF! Feeling ten times better having shape back and not having to worry about caring for longer hair. No doubt once the wedding is over I will go to a shorter concave bob but for now this will do perfect :). What do you think of it? Leave your comments below ❤

I will also be taking advantage of this to film some short hair inspired up styles and styling tricks for you all so if there is something in particular you would like to see let me know!unnamed.jpg

I went out for brunch and a banana smoothie with my family this morning after my haircut and am in love with That Place On Sturt! Best banana smoothies ❤

Tonight I’m home watching Netflix with the fiancé in my baggy Tshirt, shorts and messy hair and life just feels oh so much better being able to put my feet up.

So that’s me for the day! If there is something you would like to see on my blog don’t forget to leave a comment below and as always remember to like, comment and subscribe ~ C


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