Beauty this or that tag ft. Lazy Sunday 

Ugh reality is setting in that it is Sunday and I am counting down the hours until I can go back to bed for some sleep. This morning I went with my mother and sister to another wedding expo and had a smoothie at the paleo cafe before coming home and spending a few hours on the couch catching up on some Netflix.
I thought I would do something a bit different to help you get to know me better so I’ve chosen to do the “Beauty this or that tag”.

If there is something specific you would like to see on the blog don’t forget to leave a comment.



blush or bronzer – bronzer by far! I hardly wear blush

lip gloss or lipstick – lipstick, I hate the sticky feeling of gloss

eye liner or mascara – my lashes are naturally quite long and black so I would chose liner.

foundation or concealer – foundation, I always use high coverage matte foundation so I could build upon the areas that need concealing.

neutral or color eye shadow – neutral

pressed or loose eye shadows – pressed to avoid so much fallout!

brushes or sponges – brushes definitely!

OPI or china glaze – OPI

Long or short – Long

Acrylic or natural – Natural so they don’t stain as bad when using makeup or hair dye.

Brights or darks – nude or gold so I guess brights?

Flower or no flower – no flower

perfume or body splash – perfume

lotion or body butter – butter

body wash or soap – body wash!

lush or other bath company  – no preference, depends on what condition my skin is in at the time

jeans or sweat pants – sweet pants

long sleeve of short – long

dresses or skirts – depends where I’m going

stripes or plaid – either

flip flops or sandals – flip flops or as we call them in Australia “Thongs!”

scarves or hats – scarves

studs or dangly earrings – studs

necklaces or bracelets – necklace

heels or flats – heels

jacket or hoodie – jacket

forever 21 or charlotte russe – don’t even know what Charlotte Russe is so I’m going to say forever 21.


curly or straight – curly

bun or ponytail – high bun

bobby pins or butterfly clips – bobby pins duh!

hair spray or gel a hairspray

long or short – short

light or dark – dark

up or down – up

Rain or shine – shine

Summer or winter – winter! I love being able to wear winter clothing and embrace my warm blankets on the couch watching movies

Fall or spring – we don’t really get either in Townsville.

Chocolate or vanilla – chocolate!

East coast or west coast – never been to the west coast of Australia so I guess that means east?


New exciting blog post coming this week just in time for spring/Autumn festivals! Don’t forget to like,comment and subscribe ~ C

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