Festival hair and makeup inspo

So seeing as the video I want to upload is taking forever thanks to Telstra (Useless as always) I thought I would upload my other blog post for you all in the mean time. Now I’m not sure about overseas but in Australia we are about to hit peak on festival season so I thought with Groovin the Moo not far away I would upload a little inspiration for hair and makeup. Would you wear it? Leave a comment below

So just about every tutorial you see for festivals requires some form of heating tool, but what about those of you who are travelling or not yet trained in the area of curling? Here are two hair styles to suit both long and short hair with minimal skill level required and remember you can get away with as messy or neat as you like with festival season!unnamed-7.jpg

For the first hairstyle on myself I parted in the middle, which is something I just never do on myself. from the back crown of my head I braided to my forehead before splitting the sections into two halves. From here I braided along my fringe line until I was inline with my ears and wrapped the rest around tucking it under the loose hair at the back of my head before securing with pins. Braiding the front until your inline with earlobes means no loose hair in your face if it is windy!

For the second hairstyle which was done on my sister I parted her hair to the size in a zig zag motion. Braiding both sides to the back and securing half way down the hair strands with hair ties. I then continued to separate the hair into sections and gradually making a netlike braid to add detail to the hair.unnamed-12.jpg

You could even add some flowers to the braids for more colour/detail.


unnamed-6.jpgFor makeup I wanted to keep my eyes nice and bright to keep with the spring theme and go in with Australis creme lipsticks in shades MA-LI-BOO & HON-O-LOO-LOO available from your local Priceline. I did not have any crystal face gems on hand so instead I utilised some cheap nail polish I had laying around the house to create the dots above my eyes, these stayed on all day without a worry and because there was makeup underneath it was not going to affect my skin with a reaction or stains.

You can see a close up video of this look on my Instagram.

I will have some more festival inspired outfits and makeup coming over the next few weeks. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe ~ C

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