Get unready with me ft.weekend getaway

So it’s 7pm here and I am finally home from a weekend away and I thought seeing as I am throwing on my comfort clothes and taking off my makeup I would run you through my general getting unready routine, i.e. what I do after a long day in makeup.
Skin Care; The first thing I did as soon as I got in the door was run to my ensuite and remove my makeup. For the eyes I used my Estee Lauder gentle eye makeup remover with a round cotton pad to remove any oils/mascara etc. This is also amazing for removing eyeliner! RRP $45.00 AUD. After removing my eye makeup I use a general makeup remover or in todays case just makeup wipes as I had run out of my usual makeup remover :(. Once the majority of my surface makeup was removed I used my Biore Deep Charcoal Cleanser available at your local priceline/big w for $10.99 AUD.

Twice a week I will follow this with my Natio face mask but as I was to tired tonight I skipped ahead **Slap on wrist**. I finished off with my toner and moisturiser.

Once I finally finished washing my face and neck **because obviously I blend my foundation down into my neck ;)** I hopped into some comfy clothing and ended up where I am now, sitting on my couch catching up on some good dramatic TV shows :). I will probably sit here for a few hours before having a shower, washing my hair and going to sleep.

If you would like to see a video morning/night routine video please leave a comment below!


This weekend was my Fiancés 20th birthday which meant an overnight trip to Cairns 4 hours north of Townsville. We haven’t been up there for quite some time and with all our wedding planning it was the perfect opportunity to take a break and relax! As you can see on the right he was so enthusiastic about driving my little Hyundai instead of his ute around town haha.unnamed-14.jpg

Yesterday was spent looking through the DFO and local shopping centres, walking the esplanade and seeing Superman Vs Batman at the cinema (His choice obviously!).

Today we woke up quite early, checked out of the hotel and headed off to subway for breakfast before wandering the local Army Museum. We treated ourselves to a relaxation massage before wandering some more shops and heading back home.unnamed-13.jpg

I picked up a brand new bronzer from Australis and can I just say, it has an amazing colour tone but I am still yet to see how it applies/blends out so keep an eye out for a review this week!

I know I have been very MIA the past few days so expect lots of uploads this week to make up for it. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe ~ C


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