Doing my sisters makeup – BLINDFOLDED!

What could be worse than a makeup artist loosing her brushes? Having to do her sisters makeup blindfolded! I am so used to seeing my clients faces during the application process that this was definitely a big leap out of my comfort zone.

Unfortunately my camera did die half way through filming and then my editing program had a fit so I have had to re record my edit on my phone hense the shaking. But so many of you still wanted to see the outcome so click here for the video footage!


Now obviously this is not my best work haha but I thought I would show you the outcome. Obviously no false lashes were used in this challenge as I don’t feel that its safe to be mucking around with glue so close to someones eye.

Hope you enjoy the video! If you would like to see another one leave a comment below. New post coming soon. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe ~ C

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