Pre and post workout Haircare tips

Hey lovelies. Tonight  want to discuss Haircare for workouts or even those of you working in jobs which may require you to break a sweat or two! 

Now for those of you who are hitting the gym right before a big night out and don’t have time to do much styling in between here’s a great tip for you to avoid just being a high ponytail girl. Plat your hair into 2-4 sections and secure at the ends with hair elastics. Once this is done wrap them into a bun & secure with a hair tie or ribbon. When you’ve finished your workout remove the braids, spray in some dry shampoo and run your fingers through your hair. Instant waves & the dry shampoo combined with running your fingers back through will create your volume! The longer your braids are in the more defined your waves will be.

581876_561302620696510_8164348436489539438_n.jpgFor the girls who really break a sweat during their workout try spraying some dry shampoo in pre workout to help soak up any un nessisary oils. Wear a loose fabric headband over your hairline & use ribbon instead of hair ties to tie your hair up. This will prevent creasing for when you want to take your hair out and keep fly always at bay. Leave the headband on until your hair is dry to allow baby hair to settle.
Obviously if your an indoor gym junkie this won’t apply to you. But if your a keen runner/ out door sports player protect your hair from the sun by spraying an anti humidity spray.

All that salty sweat you have is drying out your hair, if it’s not your day to wash your hair properly use a leave in conditioner spray on your ends. This is especially important for those who work out regularly.


Would you like to see more hair care tips? Leave a comment below. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe ~ C

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