Wedding blues! ft. Beauty tips

So you wake up 3 months before your wedding, your photographer cancels on you, your best friend even cancels on you and your still trying to figure out how on earth all your family is going to fit into 3 houses! What do you do?! Call mum OF COURSE! This was the beginning of my week and no doubt it stretched my stress levels through the roof.

So as it is wedding season I thought I would give you brides to be or even bridesmaids some tips on managing your beauty routine in those 3 months prior to the big day!

~ Deep cleanse those makeup brushes NOW! That’s right those things you’ve been using that haven’t been cleaned in a while are contributing to your break outs its not just stress. Give them a good clean and continue to do so regularly.

~ Having a spray tan before your wedding? Start looking after your skin. Exfoliate weekly and moisturise after showers to ensure it takes to the tanning solution well. We don’t want no patchy arms girls!

~ It’s time for a trip to the dentist, wether you need just a check and clean or some whitening don’t leave it to the last minute incase you have a reaction to the treatment.

~ Collect and organise an emergency kit. You will need this on the day. Purchase some safety pins, bobby pins, band aids, needle and thread, pads/tampons, touch up lipstick, blotting papers and perhaps even a tiny bottle of vodka to calm those nerves 😉

~ Get your hair cut! Don’t fool yourself into just having the tips taken off. If you haven’t had regular trims have it cut to the length where it is healthy. If your having an up style they won’t notice your hair that little bit shorter and if your having it down worst case scenario your up for a pack of clip in extensions still ten times nicer in your images than split ends!

~ Appointments. Start booking your hair colours, waxing and any other necessary appointments in the week before your wedding. Spread them out so you aren’t rushed and remember to book your nails in!

There are soo many do’s and dont’s when preparing for a wedding just in the beauty/cosmetic side of things so I will keep this short and have another post of handy hints soon!

14 weeks out from my big day now expect to see more weddings related posts! New first impression blogs coming this weekend ~ C

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