Splurge and save – April

Hey lovelies,

This past month I hit the shops and spent a little more than usual. Here’s the run down on some of my favourite purchases. I have plenty of things coming in the mail over the next week or so to review so keep an eye out!
phisohex200n.jpgPhisohex – I have been struggling with acne since easter with a massive shift in my hormones and sebum (oil producing) glands working overtime. I invested in Phisohex and am cleansing twice a day with it. Within only a few days I noticed a huge difference in inflammation disappearance. It does dry your skin out quite a lot so I do find I need to use a much more moisturising primer before applying makeup to prevent cracking but my skin is definitely a lot clearer. I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin as it is quite harsh but for those of you with fairly oily/combination skin go for it! I apply mine with my electric Modelco facial brush. Eventually I will definitely invest in a better quality brush but for now this one works great with multiple different attachments to chose from. Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 10.48.07 am.png

Real Techniques Beauty blender – OMG! I have a love hate relationship with these things. Finally I am starting to like beauty blenders. I used to absolutely hate them as they would remove my makeup instead of applying it. Thanks to Real Techniques though I have found one that applies a beautiful natural application of makeup. Not something I would use for a formal event as I like quite full coverage but for everyday makeup this works perfect and 10x easier to clean and look after than my buffing brushes. I purchased a double pack of these beauties so that I can wash them more regularly without worrying about when they will dry. You can purchase cheaper beauty blenders but they definitely won’t last as well as these.

156030_2.jpgBabyliss Pro AU heat styling mat – As a hairdresser this is an absolute lifesaver. I pop mine on my trolley and place straighteners/curling wands etc on it. No need to clutter up the bench space in front of clients and completely transportable which is perfect for when I am doing weddings.

Have you tried any of the above? What did you think of them? Leave your comments below ~ C



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