DIY lip balm ft. MOTD

So we all know you can use Vaseline on the days you’ve run out of lipgloss but here’s a more natural ingredient for those of you who feel strongly about using organic products and heres the best part! It’s more than likely already in your kitchen.

Can you guess it? COCONUT OIL! That’s right not only is it great for your health, your cooking, your hair… It’s even perfect for lipgloss! Now you could just use it on it’s own but for those of you who like a little colour here’s what you should do. Macro-Organic-Coconut-Oil-300g.jpg

1. Make sure your coconut oil is melted/runny. Grab a few spoons of it and place in a cosmetic container.

2. Select one of your loose eye shadows or crush up one that is already broken. Mix into the coconut oil until well blended.

3. Apply to your lips! If you don’t want to use your fingers use a cotton bud. You can even purchase disposable lip applicators or reuse one from a finished liquid lipstick.

mbuCWeSFdCESEpBXRFLXyGQ.jpgYour lips should be feeling smoother in no time! Just a tip for those whom have partners or are heading out on a date, if your only using it to hydrate your lips and not so much for colour. Apply to lips & then press them against a tissue lightly. This will remove any sticky residue which will annoy your partner during your pash and dash sessions! And for those of you who are single this tip will be your best friend to make sure your hair doesn’t stick to your lips blocking your view of potential mr or mrs right 🙂

New blog post coming soon ~ C


MOTD; lip combo

Chi chi cosmetics lip liner – viva la vixen

Maybe line super stay – enduring ruby

Nyx – pumpkin pie


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