Salon Tan Professional ~ First Impression

I took a complete leap of faith friday testing out a different self tanning brand! Want to know what I thought of Salon Tan Professional?! Keep reading…

So i’ve been contemplating for some time changing the brand I use for self tanning but have found it very difficult to chose one. I received my loyalty voucher in the mail thursday morning from Priceline and thought why not just go for it! Worst case scenario I just exfoliate it straight off and use what I have been for the last 2 years right?!
I purchased the Salon Tan Professional Moose, this only comes in one shade from what I have found which is a bit of a shame as I don’t like to tan too dark more so just so I don’t look completely pasty white. This tan states it is meant to be kept on for minimum 4hrs but I got impatient and took it off after 2hrs as I do not cope well having a wet tan and not being able to get anything done. After the two hours it was at the perfect shade for me anyway so thats fine, but for those of you who like a deep tan I would recommend sticking out the four hours.

This tan didn’t dry very quickly so in future I would probably turn my spray tan machine on and use it to dry the tan with the air compressor. I used a tanning mitt to apply this, one thing I did notice which freaked me out straight away was that it looks very patchy when first applied and is not easy to blend whilst wet. There were a few areas where it clumped and looked like I had a coffee scrub on which also made me cringe. Don’t stress out though, when I washed it off there was zero streaks, and no patches!Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 9.58.00 pm.png

I applied a full face of primer before applying the tan to my skin and blended it down beyond my chin as I can’t stand when I see massive tan lines on the jaw line for those who don’t always wear makeup. This seriously worked 10x better than vaseline/moisturiser etc so would definitely recommend this trick as it has faded perfectly and stopped the tan from breaking out my skin. I did not apply the tan to my face like I usually would as I am currently trying to go through an extreme cleansing routine to get my skin condition in top shape for the wedding and the last thing I needed was to risk having a reaction as I never do patch tests! Naughty!!

The tan washed off really easy and did not leave any marks in my shower which was great! Would I purchase this again? Yes. But I definitely think I will be looking for other products that I only have to leave on for 1hr or less like my Roxtan spray tan which is also a lot more natural with their ingredients. Want to see what I usually self tan with? Read here

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