Splurge and Save ~ Concealer

It’s no secret that some people can’t afford to spend overly large amounts on luxury makeup items. Read more to find out where I splurge and save on concealer!

My absolute favourite concealer is the Mac Pro Longwear. Because of my fair skin I often find it difficult to find a concealer light enough but thankfully their NC15 is a perfect match. It is the only concealer that NEVER creases after wearing for a full day/evening.

Save ~
Recently I purchased the Maybelline Fit Me concealer in light. Maybelline_New_York_Fit_Me_Concealer_6_8ml_1367501456_main.jpgAlthough the colour was slightly warmer than my usual concealer I found the applicator so much nicer than having to use the pump on my Mac Concealer as there is minimal wastage. The concealer blended out perfectly with a beauty blender. This concealer is available from your local Priceline/Chemist/Supermarket.

Have you got a holy grail concealer? Leave the name/brand in the comment section below! 

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