Nude By Nature Brushes – First Impression

Eventually your brushes no matter how well you care for them need replacing right? Well I thought I would test out the new Nude By Nature collection from my local Priceline and I absolutely love them!

I paid just $39 AUD for a seven piece set which included the following brushes.ESSENTIAL-COLLECTION_1000X1000-500x500.png

~ 1 x eyeliner brush
~ 1 x kabuki brush
~ 1 x face powder brush
~ 1 x concealer brush
~ 1 x lip brush
~ 2 x eye shadow brushes

These brushes are so incredibly soft and because I don’t apply my lipstick or concealer with brushes most times I use the concealer brush for my eyeshadow and my lip brush for the inner corners of my eyes or cleaning up around the edges of my lips. I would so definitely repurchase these brushes again for applying powder products. I am yet to see how their brushes go with liquid or cream cosmetics.

I am interested to know what their makeup collection is like as I have not yet tried any of their products so that may be in one of my future hauls.

Have you tried these brushes? Leave a comment below! New blog post coming soon ~ C

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