Smiley Miley – First Impression/Review

Hey guys! Today I have something completely different to review but something I am sure everyone will be interested in. I received my Smiley Miley kit just under a week ago now and I am absolutely loving it!
I have tried endless tooth whitening pastes and strips and none seem to have a very good effect. With less than 3 months until my wedding I started seriously looking into a new product to try and Smiley Miley Whites were kind enough to send me a kit to test out and review for all of you! Can I just say I am absolutely obsessed, after just 5 20 minute applications of this product not only has it whitened my teeth but it has lifted so many stains that have built up over the years.

Now although the outcomes of this product are so good for me I will note that for those of you who have smaller jaw bones like myself I do find that the retainer/mouth guard is quite large so you may wish to cut the ends off or use a smaller guard for this.

Also be aware that if you are biting down on the guard too hard whilst in the midst of application you will get a sore jaw so try to relax!

I love this product because it is so so easy to apply, I find it best to apply a small line to both the front wall of the guard and the bottom and then spread it out so that it can reach all angles of my teeth. I haven’t had an issue with sensitivity but Smiley Miley do provide you with a separate gel if you do come across any.

I brush my teeth just with water before applying and use the paste/mouth guards with my UV light for approximately 15-20 minutes a day. I find if I am doing something the time passes quicker so I don’t notice so much that I have something in my mouth. By the time I get to 20 minutes I go to the bathroom turn the UV light off and wash out my mouth and mouth guards.

If I drink or consume anything within 2 hrs of applying this that may stain my teeth again I will re brush my teeth gently just with water and a tooth brush.

This would be excellent for someone who likes to put a face mask on of an evening whilst watching tv as you could combine your skincare routine with your whitening. No hands required your UV light will slip and stay in your mouth locked in tight by your lips.

Each kit comes with enough to do approximately 4 weeks, although it is not recommended to use for more than 2 weeks at a time. I started to notice dramatic results from the third application onwards as the first two really just lifted stains more than anything else.

You can purchase this kit from I would definately recommend it. I have found much more promising results with it than I did with Crest Whitening Strips which is another popular teeth whitening process.  What makes Smiley Miley even better? Free Shipping World Wide!!!

Have you tried this product? What did you think of it?

New blog post coming soon ~ C

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