Morphe 35p ~ First Impression

A month ago I ordered the Morphe 35p palette from Beauty Bay.Again I am absolutely head over heels with Morphe’s shaddows as the pigmentation is so incredibly high. The colours are vibrant and easy to blend. Definitely the best eyeshadow formula I have EVER used.

I would definitely recommend this palette for someone who loves vibrant colours! However in future I would recommend purchasing from makeup net who I used to purchase my Morphe collection through. I will never again re purchase from Beauty Bay as not only did they mislead me into the length of time it would take for my package to arrive, but their customer service when I contacted them was appalling. I had to make contact 3 times before receiving a response which was completely rude and unhelpful.

So aside from that unfortunate issue I am looking for recommendations from you guys of which Morphe Palette to purchase and review next? If you have tried one and absolutely love it or there is one you would like me to review, leave the name of it in the comments.

New blog post coming soon ~ C


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