Priceline Haul! ft. first impressions

Hey lovelies. I am loving Priceline at the moment, the girls at stock lands are always so helpful when I need new items or am searching for something. Read below to see what I purchased within the past few weeks!

Australis Gem Velourlips in the shade “Quartz and All” These beauties are available in store only and sell out so quickly!

10750_xlarge.jpgAustralis Banana Powder $14.95 AU. I have been trying to get my hands on this also for a few months now and the girls finally got it in stock monday!

Australis Lip Pencil “Nudie Rudie” $9.49 AU

Australis Colour Inject “Mambo” $13.95 AU

Nude By Nature Essential Brush Collection $39.95 AU -> First Impression/Review

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation $18.95 AU

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick #45 $12.95

Maybelline Color Drama Lipstick “Nude Perfection” $9.95 AU

Maybelline Master Precise Liner $15.95 AU

Brow Drama Sculpting “Transparent” $12.95 AU

Maybelline Master Smoky Shadow “Smoking Charcoal” $14.95 AU

I also went to Myer and purchased the chi chi cosmetics brow pomade in medium brown and beauty blender. The pomade is absolutely essential so if you don’t already own it get in your car and drive to your local Myer to purchase it ASAP!

Want to see a first impression/review on any of the above items? Wish granted, they will all be available over the next few days. New blog post coming soon ~ C

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