Australis Velourlips Gem Collection ~ First Impression/review

So as everyone knows I am obsessed with the Australis Velourlips Original collection.. But what about the new Gem collection? I waited two whole weeks to get my hands on their shade “Quartz and all”. After visiting my local Priceline everyday they finally received more in stock and I just had to buy it! I also finally got my hands on the banana powder but thats a review for another time… So to check out what I think of the new “Quartz and all” keep reading!
I thought the best way to cover this product without boring you with too much info was to give you the pro’s and cons of this new shade.Firstly the pros ~

* It is an absolutely gorgeous colour which is highly pigmented
* The product is so easily affordable for any budget. 
* Quick drying
* Kiss proof
* smells amazing!
* Doesn’t require lip liner as applicator can be used to line lips.

The cons ~

* Unfortunately mine was dry and patchier compared to my original collection however this is quite common with darker shades to apply slightly darker in some areas. I just cleaned my applicator and re applied.
* Because it is a brand new product and very minimal amounts are ordered in to the stores it does sell out quickly. It also doesn’t help that it is available in store only and not all stockists receive the new collection.
* Does not last well if attending a lunch/dinner where it will come into contact with food or drinks.
* Tends to dry out the lips

So although there are some pretty strong cons against this product I would still re purchase as I am just so in love with the shade and the smell!

Have you tested this product out? Leave your thoughts below! New blog post coming soon ~ C

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