Oh hell no! ELF’s best kept secret ***BEAUTY SCANDAL UNCOVERED***

Want to hear cosmetic brand ELF’s best kept secret? Read below!

So the other day I was on my local makeup artistry forum when I came across a video displaying a misleading product from ELF. Thinking it could just be a faulty batch I grabbed my product to see for myself! Sure enough the brand has suceeded in tricking thousands of customers. ELF has not made comment on any of the complaints from the past 2 years on this product which I found when doing my research… Why so sketchy ELF???

As you can see below I have the ELF face primer roughly $6-8 depending on your country. Mine was purchased from my local Kmart. I’ve placed this next to an Australis primer also a drugstore product which is roughly $12-15 from priceline this contains 40ml of product.

Judging by the images and what appears to be a full container of purple primer from the outside you would assume it contains a very similar amount of volume. WRONG.

Upon pulling apart my product you can see that the purple you see from outside the package is a hollow cylinder. With only the area at the very top where the lid screws on holding 14ml of product when full!

Unlike on the Australis primer the volume of product is not labeled on the item but instead on the packaging you discard of. I don’t usually look at the volume written on a product as I judge by the size of the container so I’m sure many others would easily miss this too!

Now I know so many people say its cheap but is it really??? To have 40ml of this product you would be spending around $20-24 depending on the store.. For that price you could purchase a higher end product that probably still contains more.

Though ELF don’t test on animals, they can’t claim they are environment friendly with the amount of excess unnessisary plastic involved.

Moral of the story ALWAYS read the volume labels.


New blog post coming tomorrow ~ C

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