Chi Chi Obsession ~ New Brush Collection!


So for those who have been living under a rock Chi Chi Cosmetics released a brand new brush line in Target and Myer! Price ranging from $11 AUD – $24 AUD. Let’s just say I know where my pay check is going the next 6 months haha.
I stocked my work kit with quite a few brushes and seven in my personal kit.**Edit – make that eight in my personal kit I bought another today ;)***

These brushes are soft, super dense and relatively easy to clean although I’ve only used mine for powder products so far so cant comment on brushes used for liquid foundations.

I’d say they are very similar in price and quality to the real techniques brushes although I much prefer the chi chi eye brushes as they keep the pigmentation quite well compared to the real techniques which tend to fade the colours too easily when packing eye shadow on the lid and in the crease.

For those whom don’t want to completely destroy the bank and or can’t handle waiting for overseas brush collections to arrive in the post these are a great option as they are easy to find. Word of warning though, the eye brushes sell out fast! So if you see them snatch them up quick because they won’t be there three days later.

See images below of my personal collection

New post coming soon ~ C

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